EASTERN MARKET POTTERY was established in 1968 by Harold Guilland in an unused tearoom and kitchen complex upstairs at Capitol Hill's historic Eastern Market. Income from classes at the pottery helped to cover living expenses while he finished researching and writing Early American Folk Pottery, published in 1971. Owner Chuck Brome purchased the business in 1974, after first working there as instructor and studio manager. Over the years many potters have passed through its doors. Several professional studio potters, including some of the current staff, began their clay careers in this unique and stimulting place.

After the devastating April 2007 fire at Eastern Market, we had to find temporary quarters while the Market was being restored and renovated. Significant financial assistance from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation and logistic as well as financial help from the City of Washington helped us through this difficult period.

Eastern Market Re-Opening

On June 26, 2009 Eastern Market Pottery returned to a restored and renovated Eastern Market and a new studio there.